News, 09.12.2020

The revival of a refreshing tradition

Wine spritzed with mineral water or soda is one of the most popular thirst-quenching drinks on a lot day. What’s equally satisfying is the 0.33-litre glass bottle by Vetropack Austria in which the “Spritzer” by Austrian winery Aigner is served.

Did you know that the “G’spritzte” or “Spritzer” was invented in Austria? Wine mixed with mineral water or soda is a particularly popular drink in the summer, either as an aperitif or as a simple, no-nonsense companion to a delicious meal.

The Aigner winery in Gumpoldskirchen is one of the best performing and most modern wineries in Austria. In summer 2020, it launched a particularly refreshing mixed drink made from white wine and mineral water: a “Spritzer”. It comes in a 0.33-litre glass bottle made from green glass which provides the contents with the necessary light protection and also guarantees freshness for consumers even when stored for longer periods of time. The standard bottle produced by Vetropack offers just the right amount of headspace for the carbonated drink. It is filled up to just below the rim so that the contents are exposed to as little oxygen as possible. The shoulderless bottle shape is also very practical and means that the Spritzer can be enjoyed straight from the bottle.