News, 24.06.2019

Oceans and dolphins say thank you to supermarket customers

Bülach/Brussels, 8 June 2019: On World Oceans Day, dolphins are saying thank you for buying items in glass packaging in selected supermarkets.

In collaboration with “Friends of Glass”, special checkouts known as “Checkouts of Thanks” were installed in various supermarkets in Europe to say thank you to customers. Whenever an item in glass packaging was scanned, a pod of dolphins saying thank you for buying food and drinks in glass packaging appeared on a screen.

The world’s oceans are vitally important to us. They produce around 70 per cent of all oxygen in total and give us food, energy and raw materials. They also provide a significant habitat for plants and animals, as well as us humans. That’s why we have to protect them. Because the world’s oceans are in danger – millions of tonnes of waste are floating in the water and littering the beaches. Fish and birds are dying because they mistake plastic for food. 

What can we do? Buy long-lasting products to conserve valuable resources and prevent waste. For example, glass packaging can be recycled infinitely without losing its quality. Glass is impermeable, has no impact on smell or taste and does not affect its contents or the environment in any way. In short, glass is environmentally and ocean friendly. The dolphins know this, so they are thanking all consumers in selected supermarkets for purchasing food and drinks in glass packaging. Even though this appealing campaign wasn’t run in Switzerland, the “best bits” clip is worth a watch. 

Dolphins say thank you for buying sustainable packaging because it helps to preserve our world’s oceans:


“Friends of Glass” started in 2008 as an awareness campaign for glass as a packaging material. It was created by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE), an international not-for-profit organisation. Friends of Glass unites people from all over Europe and beyond who are convinced that glass is an ideal packaging material because of its unique environmental, economic and health benefits. 

Individuals, national organisations, agencies and companies that also believe in the advantages of glass packaging are among the proud members of the community. Vetropack is involved in Friends of Glass activities.