News, 03.12.2018

New design after 22 years

Twenty-two years after its launch, the Font Vella glass bottle has been redesigned to lend it even more elegance and distinction. Vetropack’s Croatian plant in Hum na Sutli produces the turquoise bottles for the Spanish mineral water in three different sizes.

The blue colour has a calming effect and makes you think of water. And now this fine beverage has been given refreshing new glass packaging. Vetropack Straža manufactures the turquoise glass bottles for the Spanish mineral water Font Vella in three sizes: 0.33 litres, 0.5 litres and 1 litre. The screw cap and simple label around the bottle are a darker shade. The area from the rounded shoulders to the middle is hatched with vertical lines, as if the water is trickling down the bottle. There is nothing reminiscent of the previous transparent long-necked bottle with a crown cork closure.

The glass bottles are produced exclusively for the catering industry. Despite their simplicity and natural look, they are sure to stand out, as they are now boasting a brand new design after 22 years.