News, 18.12.2020

Innovative grooves and notches

At the Terre de la Custodia vineyard, the fruits of the Umbrian terroir have been transformed into outstanding wine for centuries. The rosé comes in a unique 750 ml white glass bottle by Vetropack Italia.

Montefalco in the Italian region of Umbria has been famous for its outstanding wine since the Middle Ages. The first vines were cultivated here by Franciscan monks in the cloisters of the monastery.

The Terre de la Custodia vineyard, five kilometres outside Montefalco, also looks back on a centuries-old tradition. Anything that survives for so long must continue to be innovative and this can certainly be said of Terre de la Custodia. A white glass bottle was developed for the rosé wine Montefalco Sagrantino – the result of a perfect synthesis of aesthetics and functionality. The eye-catching groove on the front of the bottle leads to an internal depression that collects wine residues and prevents them from being moved, while the rear notch ensures that no residues escape when pouring. Why isn’t every wine not poured in this special bottle, which has clear advantages? The answer is simple: Terre le la Custodia has patented it!