News, 08.01.2021

A sparkling appearance

Anything fit for royal taste buds should look royal too. That’s why leading Ukrainian fruit wine producer Mikado is packaging its new low-alcohol sparkling wine Mikado Princess in a magnificent bottle, produced by Vetropack Gostomel.

With its dignified sloping shoulders and long, slender neck, the new 0.75-litre bottle has a classic, elegant shape. Its majestic impression is enhanced greatly by the surface of the glass – the crystal engraving makes the bottle sparkle like a cut ruby when the light hits it. The new product by Vetropack Gostomel is therefore the perfect package for the premium-quality sparkling drink with its unique fruit and berry flavour.

The eye-catching interplay of colours created by the combination of bottle and drink together is also almost festive – the soft pink shimmer of the sparkling wine matches the colour of the cherry blossom traditionally pictured on the label of the renowned brand. Wine, bottle, label and light are brought together in harmony in a unique way in this utterly successful new creation and help highlight the festive and special nature of every occasion where Mikado Princess is served.